The legal status: Things You need you know

The choice of the legal status of your activity really concretizes your project of creation. Attention, each status has its particularities. From your choice, there will be financial and legal responsibilities that weigh on you and your associates?

You will also have to determine the distribution of capital between the different partners (unless you choose a status like the EURL or a sole proprietorship). Finally, you will need to define the tax and social regime of your florist. Ask yourself, how is it going? Are you making good at florist Singapore business?

Here are the statuses that may be suitable for your activity

SA (joint stock Company): It is made for projects with strong development. It reassures bankers and other investors. Shareholders and associates are only responsible for their contributions and the company may make a public offering.

SAS (simplified joint stock company) and SASU (simplified Joint Stock Company): The partners are only responsible for their contributions. The manager is assimilated employee and therefore enjoys the same protection.

SARL (limited company): It is composed of 2 partners at least. The company created is a legal person. In case of bankruptcy, only the amount of the capital of the LLC can be claimed. The creator of the company cannot see his own property seized.

IS (sole proprietorship): the creator of the business runs his own business. We do not talk about society. The personal heritage of the entrepreneur merges with his professional heritage. In the event of bankruptcy, his private property can therefore be the pledge of potential creditors.

EIRL (individual company with limited liability): The personal and professional heritage is dissociated. It therefore enjoys protection for its own assets. However, this form is not the most appropriate to make a loan because it deprives creditors of many guarantees.

Complete the administrative steps

The first administrative formalities concern the registration of your establishment in the RCS (Register of Commerce and Companies) as well as in the Business Directory. In parallel you have to get closer to your CFE (Center of Formalities of the Companies) which is in your ICC in order to carry out the obligatory declarations necessary for the creation of a company. He will refer you to facilitate your steps. It will transmit your information directly to the registry of the Commercial Court, DIRECCTE, INSEE, etc. Indeed, to discover Singapore businesses you must need to know all the legal parts.


Your investment will depend on the means you want to implement and the services you want to offer.Certainly the job of florist, like most professions that combine sales and creativity, is a demanding job. However, you also choose a profession in which you can let your artistic sense express itself. By listening to new trends and practices, you will allow your customers to discover new species of flowers, new atmospheres and a new way to talk about their feelings.

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