Perfect Lip Reconstruction Options for You Now

Patients of the plastic surgery clinic are interested in lip reconstruction. Each person comes hereindividually, but there is a generalized standard of beauty, approaching which makes a person attractive. Achieving perfection is possible with the help of cosmetic procedures and modern plastic surgery, eliminating both minor defects and serious congenital anomalies. Many people ask themselves. what is the result of the lip reconstruction, when it is shown and what result can be achieved? For that you will have to trust to the lip reconstruction surgeons.

What is the process of the Lip Construction?

It applies if necessary:

  • to eliminate fine wrinkles
  • to correct developmental anomalies – for example, a wolf mouth
  • add or reduce volume
  • adjust the form
  • achieve the ideal proportions after the injury
  • get rid of the emerging tumor-like formations

What is the name of the lip reconstruction?

Lip reconstruction: indications and contraindications

Knowing what is called lip reconstruction is not enough to make a decision about its necessity. Hailoplasty is performed under local or general anesthesia. The first option is preferable and has virtually no contraindications. But you cannot operate if there are foci of infection on your face. General anesthesia is not used for patients with cardiac or renal insufficiency, diabetes mellitus, and oncological diseases.

The Priority Methods for You Now

When the priority method of reconstruction is called lip plastic, then this is the way that the surgeon does it. There are more than 5 techniques, but most often the VY technique is used. The specialist makes a series of V-shaped incisions and slightly “wipes” the wound outward – this is how the volume is compensated for by internal reserves. At the end of the operation, a Y-shaped seam is applied.

The Rehabilitation Process

During the reconstruction, it is necessary to observe the surgeon. He assesses the rate of edema collapse, consults on concomitant issues and does not allow the appearance of complications (suppuration, congestion of infiltrates). In this article “What is the name of the lip reconstruction” is summarized about all the features of the operation, and for detailed information you need to make an appointment with a cosmetologist.

Hailoplasty gives a permanent and pronounced result, but does not protect against loss of volume due to age-related changes. Summarizing what is called lip reconstruction and who it is recommended, experts note that cheiloplasty is a good solution for cardinally changing the image, eliminating serious pathologies and defects. In all other cases, it is first necessary to turn to injective cosmetology methods.

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