Kevin Sheehan Weighs In On The Nine Traps You Fall Into That Put A Limit On Your Happiness

Kevin Sheehan is a former Australian Footballer for Geelong and is currently the National Talent and International Manager of the AFL football subcommittee of football operations. He is also a the one who selects the AFL rising star award recipient. Over a long and storied career he has learned many life lessons, not the least of which are lessons about happiness, what it means to be happy, what hurdles we have to overcome and what we need to learn about ourselves. We spoke to him and he shared with us the traps that people fall into that stop us from being happy.


Bottling Up Your Emotions


One of the things about being an adult is that we’re taught to hold our emotions in. While it is true that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to erupt on impulse, the doesn’t mean we should keep it all to ourselves, because that’s unhealthy.


Using Technology To Numb Oneself


Many of today’s online services are excellent at getting you addicted. Whether it’s social media or an entertainment service, or something else, the companies providing those services measure their success by the number of active users…so they do everything they can to keep you glued to the screen. But the blame is not entirely on them, part of the reason you’re stuck to your devices is that you’re numbing yourself. Plain and simple. Stop it.


Not Working On Yourself


We are a goal-driven species. No one tells us, so we have to figure this out on our own. One of the major things contributing to our happiness is life advancement. Staying in the same position in life, conversely, is a huge factor in negative emotions and maybe even depression. Whatever you can do to advance yourself, be it education or entrepreneurship, do it.


Staying Home


This is another contributing factor to negative emotions. Staying home. When you stay home, you get complacent about your obligations and opportunities. Whenever you notice yourself overspending time at home, try to force yourself to get out of the house.

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