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It all starts with a dream. On the road we saw an impressive motorhome, and we were delighted, delighted. This is where the dream of owning a similar vehicle was born. Now, one must observe the dream, does it remain, does it deepen and becomes a real need? If he disappears, he had not spread enough to really plunge into this adventure. But if it stays, it comes a step more serious, the next step is to make: market knowledge.

Explore the market

Before embarking on this project, you should know who is on the market and what the monetary requirements for such a vehicle are. For the Freight Search’s trucking load boards free this is important.

The best view of the easiest market is to get on the respective fairs. For off-road vehicles it is certainly the which is once a year. In addition, the companies absolutely recommend also visiting the big camping fairs. Even though there is almost no mobile all terrain, but RV, recreation vehicle, then motor homes, like wheel houses based on a bus chassis. Even smaller vehicles can cover most of our needs. On these shows, you recognize what is possible and at what price.

The chassis

In Switzerland, we distinguish between 3.5t-, 7.5t- and heavy vehicles over 7.5t. Vehicles up to 3.5 tons can be driven with a B driving license. They are often built on the basis of a Defender. There are many accessories and extension options for these vehicles.

  • On the 7.5t chassis, there is a great joy of super chassis and almost anything is possible. The restriction is only in that you absolutely want to take with it. With the increase of the travel experience it will become less and less.
  • From 7.5t almost everything is possible. Here you only have to choose between 2 or 3 axle vehicles. Most AWD vehicles on truck chassis are built by man or Mercedes. Man is slightly cheaper and better broadcast, Mercedes has a better service network in the United States.

Bearing of the cabin

During storage, there are two worlds, that of the rubber bears and that of the diamond bearing. If the vehicle is shorter than a rubber mount is more likely and feasible. For longer vehicles a diamond bearing is important because the chassis must be able to plug and twist in the ground, otherwise the cab breaks in extreme cases, because it cannot absorb the forces.

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