How To Get Rid Of Potentially Harmful Bacteria In The Kitchen

Handy is a company based in the United States that helps homeowners get in touch with a cleaning professional. There are certain reasons why people would need these services such as a lack of time due to other things taking they are preoccupied with such as taking care of themselves, work, seeing friends and family, and hobbies. Another reason can be the fact that people don’t know how to clean their homes properly. They were either never taught how to do it or just the fact that they don’t like it and would rather get someone else to do this job for them.

Tips on how to keep your house clean

Even though you are the kind of person that would need cleaning services, it is still a good idea to keep your home prim and proper in between cleanings. For those that don’t know this, it is recommended to wash your kitchen sponge regularly since it is soaked in bacteria. This is because the sponge in your kitchen is usually warm and damp that creates the perfect conditions for cultures and the dish soap we use does not counteract this. Do not get too scared since most of these strains are not at all harmless.

Although there is still a chance of there being harmful bacteria on the sponges, it is impossible to tell the good ones from the bad ones. Some harmful ones are strains such as listeria, e coli, campylobacter and staphylococcus. All of these cause stomach bug-life symptoms and it can be especially hard for people with compromised immune systems such as children and people over 55 years or people with an autoimmune disorder.

Obviously, these harmful bacteria don’t just appear out of nowhere since they are introduced through contact with foods such as raw meat or contaminated produce. The latter is not very common but still possible. It gets to your sponge by wiping a contaminated surface or cleaning dirty dishes. The odds are of encountering these strains of bacteria are fairly small, between 2 to 10 percent but still present. There are things you can be doing to reduce the chances of having these pathogens present in your home.


Dealing with your sponge

The professional cleaners at Handy are aware of these dangers that can be present in your home. That is why it is important to clean it regularly by dampening the sponge and heating it in the microwave for a minute. That is all it takes to kill all the bacteria.

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